Virginia Beach Iron Man Series Go Karting



$300 per driver
First 30 drivers to register

Dates of Races:  Call Virginia Beach AIK For Dates and Registration

American Indoor Karting and G-Force Karts are offering for the first time a 3 month Ironman Series to be completed between all three tracks; Richmond, Fredericksburg and Virginia Beach.  Our members are always looking for new racing experiences and to truly test their driving skills we are challenging you to compete in our Ironman Race.  Not only will the Ironman Race test your agility and endurance but also test your skills as a driver racing on unfamiliar territory.  Many drivers are good because they know their one track.  How about taking the driver out of their comfort zone and placing them into a brand new environment, how well would they do then?  

The Virginia Beach hosted AIK Ironman Series will consist of three one hour endurance races with 6-10 drivers on the track for any given race. Each month a driver will compete at each of the three tracks and we awarded points based on their position at the end of the race. After all three months are complete, points will the totaled from all three locations and the prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place positions.

Iron Man Race Format and Rules:

AIK must have a minimum of 6 drivers registered in order to start tournament.
AIK will only register a maximum of 10 drivers at each location.
Race will be one hour in duration.
Qualifying will be 5 laps in randomly assigned karts.
Qualifying fastest lap times determine the starting order for the race, not the kart number.
Karts will be selected randomly by drawing.
Karts will be gridded up for a standing start on the track, remember this is a one hour race.
Crashing or getting a penalty in the first corner, does not benefit the driver.
6-10 drivers will be signed up for the endurance race. Each driver must pay the entry fee at the time of registration (paperwork is considered void without payment) to be eligible to race. In the event that you do not show for the event you forfeit the entry fee. (AIK has the option to add drivers, not to exceed 10 total)
The karts will go the entire hour with no need for refueling or tire changes.
Each driver will be tracked in the computer and the kart with the most laps who cross the line first after the allotted time first will win.
In the event that a kart fails for a mechanical reason other than a crash, the driver will be given a replacement kart.  The race will not be stopped unless it is deemed unsafe to remove the kart from the track for the driver to get a new kart.  If equipment failure happens after an impact with anything  NO back-up kart will be given.
If a race needs to be slowed to remove a kart and replace it, the karts will be slowed using the Shutdown system.  No passing will take effect under this full course yellow situation.

All AIK Rules Apply

  • The first penalty for violation of the rules will be a 10 second pit stop for that driver’s kart and driver in the pit.  Penalties start upon all other karts exiting the pits.
  • The second penalty for a violation of the rules will be a 30 second pit stop for the driver.
  • The third penalty for any particular kart regardless of driver will result in removal of the kart from the race.
  • Most racers are accustomed to a 20-lap race. This is an hour endurance race, not a sprint.  Remember that there will be hundreds of turns to get past your opponents, not just the next one in front of you.
  • This event is non-refundable.  No refund will be given for any reason, kart malfunction, and violation of rules, improper conduct or basically losing the race for any possible reason on the planet that could occur.
  • Please remember that this is supposed to be fun.  We award prizes, trophies and other items for endurance races, but the goal is to enjoy 1 hour of spirited racing in a competitive environment without someone getting hurt.  Remember your manners and act appropriately as a winner or loser.  Take into consideration that there are a number of other people trying to enjoy the same experience that you are.  Don’t be a poor sport and ruin the experience for someone else.  Inappropriate actions will result in the participating member being barred from racing at AIK again.
  • Prizes will be determined by sponsorship participation.  Prizes in the past have included but are not limited to, Race credits at AIK and gift certificates to restaurants and other venues.
  • AIK has the right to change rules, add rules and delete rules at any time without notice to drivers or parents.  By registering and paying your entry fee you agree to all rules and regulations.

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