AIK, American Indoor Karting of Virginia Beach, VA FAQQ: Why should I become an American Indoor Karting member?
A: With your membership, you are entitled to purchase multiple race packages, take advantage of running specials, not to mention the free race on your birthday.

Q: How long is my membership good for?
A: Memberships are good for a year. Upon your renewal, you’ll receive a fresh headsock and 2 races: 1 for today & the 2nd during your birthday month! Renewal: $25

Q: How old do you have to be to drive the Karts?
A: Junior Karts-8-15 years; Adult Karts-16+ years.

Q: Does it cost extra to race the Super-Karts?
A: No, but you have to qualify on our Adult Karts first. You must have 5 laps in the same race under time determined by American Indoor Karting.

Q: Where is American Indoor Karting located?
A: We have three locations. Richmond, Virginia Beach & Fredericksburg.

Q: When does my race start? Do I get 4 or 5 warm up laps?
A: Your race starts when you leave the pit. You do not get warm up laps for the race.

Q: Can we get the waivers from your website?
A: Yes, click on Forms.

Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes, Indoor karting has an excellent safety record. We also provide all the safety gear you will need

Q: Is it a slick track?
A: Our track has been specially prepared to provide incredible grip for our karts-you can experience approximately 1.5 G’s in our turns

Q: Can I bring my own kart?
A: No, we supply all the karts and maintain them. This makes it more fun to come in and race without having to do all the work to keep a kart running properly.

Q: Do you rent out your karts?
A: No, we do not rent our karts out for use outside our facility. Our karts and our facility are designed with safety in mind.

Q: Can I race with my child who will be in a Junior Kart?
A: No, It is unsafe to place heavy adults out in faster karts with Children in the Junior karts. The junior racers race against each other and have more fun. The adults race against other adults. The safety of all the racers is our top priority.

Q: Why can’t I race as part of the junior birthday party package?
A: The junior party package is for junior racers. You need 6 children for a birthday party to be scheduled and run. If you show up without six children you can still have your party but you will still pay the six child minimum.

Q: How fast do the karts go?
A: Junior Karts, approximately 25mph; Adult Karts, approximately 35-40 mph; Super Karts outperform the adult karts in every way!

Q: Can I use the membership race packages for everyone I bring?
A: No, the races are for that member only.

Q: If I bring 5 of my friends, what group discounts can we expect?
A: We do not offer discounts for 5 or 10 people who show up together, because we can run 10 people in one heat. But you can get a group together and call about renting the track by the hour to receive more racing at a lower cost.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Click on PRICING for details

Q: Do you have all equipment I will need to kart?
A: Yes, we provide everything you will need to race. All you need to bring is a pair of closed-toed shoes.

Q: Can you bring your own helmet?
A: Yes, as long as it is a full faced helmet. This protects your face better than an open face helmet with goggles, which is not allowed.

Q: Can I test drive the karts before I ride on them?
A: No, you can race as a non member to try it out. But the membership is so inexpensive and comes with your first race, so it is the best deal!

Q: Can the Superkarts run with the Adult karts?
A: We will put the superkarts out with regular racers who have raced the standard karts before. We do not put superkart racers out with new drivers who are racing for the first time.

Q: Are these bumper cars, can I bump everyone out of the way?
A: No, these are not bumper cars. These are racing karts and we want people to come in and experience how much fun it is to race. We do not allow racers to bump everyone off the track or cause accidents on purpose. We strictly enforce the rules and want the racing experience to be fun for everyone that participates

Q: Why didn’t I get my birthday race?
A: Well, we have a lot of members. We can’t call everyone to remind them to come in during their birthday month.

Q: Do you have a room for private meetings/parties?
A: Yes, please contact us to make a reservation.

Q: Do you have anything except go-karts?
A: We have a video arcade, air hockey, and more games on the way.

Q: My son is 14 years old and 6 feet tall and 200 lbs. Can he race the adult karts?
A: No, Juniors cannot race in adult karts. The age is the determining factor. We do have some children that do not fit into the junior karts because of size and weight, but are too young for the adult karts. They cannot run in the adult karts for any reason until that time. Thank you.