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American Indoor Karting is very proud to be able to provide an incredible corporate event experience to every group that visits our facility. We offer a variety of packages to match your group’s needs and budget:

  • 2 race- Qualifier & Championship
  • 3 race- Practice, Qualifier, Championship
  • Team Enduro I & II- Qualifier, Team Relay
  • 2 or 3 race with Top 10 Invitational
  • Hourly track or facility rental

We also offer team building that goes along with the corporate events package. We can tailor a package specifically to your corporate group and the ideas that your company holds for each employee. Our flexible training staff understands team building, the value of communication, and the need to get the best from each participant in today’s highly competitive market place.

Each participant will receive thorough instructions on the safe operation of the karts and the rules and regulations while racing. Each driver will be issued a “headsock” (or balaclava), neck-brace & safety helmet. We can also offer you a group-rate discount on Trophies, T-shirts and other American Indoor Karting memorabilia when ordered in bulk quantities for group outings. AIK Pro-Shop packages are available to those that want to purchase their own safety gear. Personal customization available upon request.

American Indoor Karting offers a safe, controlled, and exciting racing environment. Our trained, professional staff understands racing and safety. We enjoy seeing the transformation that takes place between co-workers competing on the track. The speed, competition, and adrenaline transforms the mild-mannered office worker into a fierce competitor, eager to race to the front of the field and take the checkered flag. At the conclusion of each race, every driver will receive a computerized timing sheet that shows number of laps completed, each lap time, heat ranking, and over-all ranking for your group. This way, you have proof that you beat your fellow racers, or even your boss! We can provide trophies for your event: “Fastest Driver”, “Endurance-Team Champions”, “Worst Driver”, etc. . . .what ever you want! Trophies range from the perfect desk top reminder, to an impressive three-foot mantelpiece display.

We offer competitive pricing, full catering service, and every item needed to make your group event an everlasting memory.

Contact our Corporate Sales Manager to discuss the corporate event or group outing that is right for you!
Harry Surani, 757-486-3003 or by completing the form below.

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